Saturday, May 19, 2007

THEY think I'm doing good, but....

Hi everyone. Joan here. Jayne's making me do this blog again. When asked, "What should I write?", Jayne said, "They keep telling me I am doing fine, but these exercises suck, I'm still tired, it really hurts in the morning to get moving...."
Right now, Jayne is reading the card of exercises the PT gal gave her, and she is on her bed doing them. She stood at the kitchen sink for a shampoo yesterday. She is doing everything right toward a speedy recovery. She has mentioned how good a donut and chocolate would taste, but I nixed that! Vitamins and good food are her diet, altho Mike brought us both a Taco Bell surprise for lunch yesterday. Maybe a donut next week IF she behaves. She is watching funny movies and laughin her arse off inbetween naps. Two or three trips to the kitchen table each day and staying for about 45 minutes are the limit so far. Bed is still the most comfortable place to sit/lay, exercise and move the legs, listen to music and watch the telly. She is getting in and out of bed by herself, and that alone is a plus. Oh, and she wants you to know that the neighbor baked some brownies, brought them over, and Jordan and I ate them and wouldn't give Jayne any. (it's not that we are cruel, it's for her own good) So if ya want to send anything, make it a box of Dunkin'Donuts, since they closed all the Krispy Kremes around here. Jayne is feeling your prayers and good thoughts. Thank you for your support and love. maybe I'll write again if Jayne whines and makes me do it. she can't yet sit comfortably at the computer...soon, soon, soon. have a great week-end!