Friday, February 27, 2009

The Flood

We're all feelin' badly around here for the girls and their friends in the new house. It is an older house but fixed up so wonderfully that it was so exciting for them to be in it and happy. Then came the flood.... whoa! a handle broke off in the main bath in the tub/shower Wed night and caused quite a flood before the water could be turned off. A service had to be called to lift carpets in 2 bedrooms; big fans are set up to dry things out but they cannot use electricity or water. So, back to the home they just left for a few nights till things get fixed. Ah, the joys of home ownership! or not! But their attitudes are good... sh** happens and you deal with it and move on. No one was injured and we are glad of that. Just a major inconvenience.
At least they have an old home to come home to, and that is a good thing.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The move is on!

Last night the packing reached a frenzy as K n J hustled to pack up their goods and get out of Dodge. I admit I will miss them!! They will not miss me, but that is ok. It is their time to move on, move up, and not have gramma to push around anymore... "Gramma, will you make me an omelet?" "gramma, will you make me some pasta?" "Mom, can I have some of that bacon yer fixin?" "Mom, can I use your Von's card?"
MAN! I am going to miss them.
No matter how many times a kid moves out... you miss them each time... when you are me... I cannot speak for any other parent. just little ol me.
so, more later so youse guys can see the new digs they will be at... a literal resort ifn you ask me.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Magnificent Mundane Mundo

Here is a glimpse of our little world on Friday when jords got home from school:

This season of life is calm, quiet, going along well in our little world. I am able to continue working so far. Have learned to "pace" myself so i can get the rest I need to keep the pain under control, slow the weaknesses that are brought on by aging so they don't accelerate at warp-speed for now. Working enables me to help out with personal "causes" that are important to me; no need to list them; God knows what they are and I ask Him to bless whatever "help" I am able to give. Knowing that nothing last forever except our spirits in God's love, I am thankful for each day we have without catastrophe. Being where we are, we "expect" earthquakes, water shortage, fires, wind, and laws made by the fruits-and-nuts of calif. Glenn Beck wants the USA to kick Calif out of the Union; the South left in the 1860's by choice; Glenn believes the USA should be able to choose to let loose of Calif. May happen, who knows? It ain't my father's Calif anymore that's for sure!! But in our little circle, all is well for now, and I give thanks!