Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oh 2 B a kid again!

My 3 CALIF grandkids dressed up for Halloween; 2 probably against their will (cause they're babies), and the older one having a lot of fun with her friends. I had to work Halloween day; I dressed up as an old crippled lady with 6 grandkids...

it was my usual clothes. haha. Didn't win any costume prize for that tho.
My ID grankids had some cute costumes too; we love it when their mom sends pictures and posts them for us to see. I'd post them here too but can't figure out yet how to do that.

Had a lot of fun at work this past week. I was out for 6 months after hip surgery; the supervisor who was supposed to do my work was overloaded and stopped doing my paperwork in mid-August. Usually summer time enrollment in Kaiser slows way down, but this summer we have a campaign going to attract new members, and it is working! 700 - 900 new members per month, and usually 300 - 400 new members per month is usual for summer months. I review all the new member intake forms and keep stats on how many special needs populations we get enrolled: diabetic, HTN, pregnant, smokers, possible need for mammogram etc. So... I will have a lot of work to catch up on but that is ok. I will plod thru it.
Can't say it was easy getting back to work, but it is a blessing... got a raise Oct 1st, have a desk job, get my "union" breaks... can't complain! Just need my back to start feeling better and not protest sitting all day and driving for an hour each work day.
As of today I am now married to a 64 year old. How did that skinny tall sailor get to be a senior citizen so quickly?? Happened in the blink of an eye, I tell ya. The blink of an eye!! So how fast is YOUR life going by?