Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please vote here

Hey all, my grand daughter, who knows so much, showed me how to post a poll. So vote on my blog for the big Kelly question... "Will Joan and Steve move to Kentucky??". You have 2 weeks to vote because it will take at least that long, I think, for them to decide. They are in KY now and should be out looking at housing in the next couple of weeks. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TYLER TODAY!! His party is later in the week.
Yesterday we saw the Physical Medicine Dr. He said my back rib crays show no fracture, but there are arthritic places and osteoporosis. He ordered a bone scan to further check for bone damage or break. Also gave me a new type of back support to wear to hopefully decrease the back pain. When the office nurse put it on me HE said, "Now, when you lose weight..." gently reminding me I HAVE TO lose wt... (I hadn't mentioned yet trying to lose!) he said brace would fit better. a good motivation to lose, eh?
Here... wear this every day... but it won't feel good or be comfortable til you're not so fat!.... Bye-Bye!!
Dr asked about my walking, I had to be honest that walking makes back worse, and if back is helped, I would walk more; got a new hip so why not? I still use the walker in the house much of time, especially first thing in morning and later in day when I feel exhausted.
We see surgeon tomorrow and will get his input as well. Dr yesterday didn't think I need a shoe lift on left leg, will ask surgeon his opinion too. Drs still use those little boards... 1/4, 3/8 inch etc ... for me to stand on to see how spine straightens out and if hip bones level out with a lift under shoe ... just like when I was a kid in polio Dr's office. Some things just cannot be improved on. You might think in this day and age, a DR could just take a computer scanner wand, scan your ass and look at the computer screen and say "Yep, you need a shoe lift!" or "Nope, no need." So... I keep on getting flashbacks of all the Dr visits when I was a kid; some good, some crappy, some just neutral. I do like it when Mike goes to Dr with me tho; reminds me of when Mom used to do all the talking and I just co-operated with the exam saying yes or no to simple questions directed at me. Most questions were directed at her tho, and my only job was to co-operate and not cry. Mike has been so helpful... but I still want to cry! There still must be remnant of that 9 year old kid thinking "I've had enough already! Leave me the hell alone!".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The latest scoop

We sure love reading our out-of-state kids' updates, so we should post our updates too, eh? That would be better than a litany of aches and pains, which are only a small part of life anyway, so why not?
The girls are out and about today, Mike is working on his to-do list which is always a mile long, so he is in the outdoor-garage area much of day. I cleaned out my closet a bit today to dump some old fat clothes and junk. WW ways are working a bit to let my clothes hang more loosly altho the scale isn't showing much loss. But I can tell things are changing. Toughest part is going to bed early to get farthest away from kitchen at night so I stop feeding face. Have to re-think those after dinner snacks and not continue eating til I fall asleep. Changes are slow; the program seems too hard for me, so will change some things one day at a time and hopefully get some long-term results.
Joan and Steve are on way to KY, driving to BillnJen's. They left a week ago; they took a train excursion to Grand Canyon from Williams, AZ, they golfed in Williams, over-nighted in Alburquerque; made it to Arkansas and planned to see Clinton Library before heading to Memphis to find Elvis. Then they will do a few nights in Nashville, then go on to Lexington; Tyler's birthday party is next Sat. When Joan called from hotel outside Little Rock, ARK, a few days ago, Unka Stevie was out looking for beer because the town they were in was in a dry county; I wonder ifn he made it back yet??? ;))
Got a voice mail from Tracy; she got to go to Wash DC last week for 2 nights taking a dog to a party, and she got to see a lot of monuments and tour the White House.
Kris is hanging in there awaiting Oct 5th C-section; baby is kick boxing in utero and driving Mama nuts I hear. Pray for Kris; only 2 more weeks.
We had a lovely thunder and lightening rain shower a few nights ago; we are in a drought, so rain was welcome.
What else do you want to know??

Thanks to Jorge

Thanks to Jorge today my blog site looks different. She now has a blog of her own and you can get to it in my links. Of course, she is much smarter than I because she is young, with a techo-brain, and I am old with a you-mean-we-have-indoor-plumbing?? brain! Man! The things this new world has that we must learn to operate or be left behind is mind boggling.
I've been directed to use my blog as a family update from now on, so I have to go do a little snooping to find out what to write about everybody... so I shall return later.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mike's aboard

Hey, all, Mr K (Mike, Dad, Granpa, Papa) (sometimes known as "Hey You" or "BMFSV") has set up his own blog, and requests feedback as to what you want to hear about him. So click on the link to Granpa Mike's blog from this blog, and you will find him. Bookmark it and post comments or he won't write anything. He is more impatient than me. When he emails, he checks back every 3 minutes to see if the recipient answered back already... ok, not really... but you know we live in an instant world now, and WE EXPECT FAST RESULTS!
Yesterday Mike had guys from ATnT come out and disconnect our DirecTV satellite, and connect us to bundled Internet and TV cable with ATnT. Now I have a new remote to learn how to use, in addition to learning how to program in shows to TiVo, in addition to a new channel lineup... OMG! I am exhausted! I need a bakers dozen Dunkin' Donuts so I can go into a sugar coma and when I awake, maybe this nightmare will be over. Anyone want to join me???

Sunday, September 16, 2007

God, teach me something new!

This morning I went with Mike and our friend Joe to the church they have been attending for a few months. They really like it because the teaching is truly biblical and they enjoy the worship music. On the way to church I prayed to God to teach me something brand new so I can better live, as He wants me to live. The roof didn't fall in as I wheeled into the church; no lightening struck; the earth didn't shake and swallow me up, so I felt welcome after not going to church for so long. That was a good sign! So, after a few worship songs, it was time to turn and greet the people sitting around us. I didn't recognize anyone, but suddenly a lady comes up behind me and says, "I saw you when I walked in!" and says to Mike, "I've seen you here before but I didn't realize who you were!" It was a gal I learned to avoid at a church we attended 20 years ago!! And I still try to avoid her when I see her anywhere around town! Sooo.... what I learned today is that, by the grace and help of God, I really CAN hold my tongue when I want to scream " AW, CRAP! 'TIS YOU, OH NO!". I just said, "Hi, (Mz X)!" and then shut my big mouth again. That was my first lesson today... KEEP YER BIG MOUTH SHUT! Gee, my dad used to tell me that years ago; guess I didn't learn it then, so I can learn now. Can't WAIT to see what is the 2nd lesson I really need! But it too will probably be something I should've learned a long time ago!!! God really does have a sense of humor!
As to the healing matters, I had a PT treatment of Ultrasound/electrical stim to back muscles last week; there is a very hot spot that sends me through the roof with pain when it is pressed on. So we are still pursuing that for diagnosis and treatment. The last DR visit, I was denied an xray, so I messaged MD to ask for Xray last week after PT visit, but had no response yet. Kaiser demands patience, patience, and more patience from their patients. It's a ploy to put off health care to you whilst you slide to your demise, then they are off the hook, and you get to pay for your own funeral, but no refunds from Kaiser for burial. (just venting here, joking, you know me) No Kaiser employees should be reading this anyways!!