Friday, March 25, 2011

It was sweet to get a few days' stay at a place on Pacific Beach, with a balcony with a great view of the ocean and a boardwalk with very entertaining folks strolling by.

It was sweet to be with my nutty-ass sister who makes me laugh all the time (probably because lookin at her is like lookin in the mirror).

It was sweet to have our good friend Michelene with us. She's a nurse who cannot hang up her cap in retirement because she will think like a nurse till the final minute, and compel compliance with all manner of things good-health-habit-wise, otherwise your sorry butt is out the door!!

And it was SO SWEEEEET to have them two clowns with me the morning we were to leave for home and I accidently flooded the bathroom with an overflowing toilet, then stood in the room screaming, "THE TOILET IS RUNNING OVER, THE TOILET IS RUNNING OVER!" instead of shutting off the water pipe. Hell... I never was any good in an emergency! That's why I travel with a nurse and a teacher!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thanks, Gram!

So, awhile back my left middle finger swells up and will not bend and the knuckles are red and darn sore. So I make an appointment with my Dr. The doctor says as he is holding my left middle finger at a right angle to open the joint while the sports medicine doctor injects cortisone, "The surgeons do great work now replacing finger joints! You should get these fingers done. They are all crooked and I can see in these X-rays your knuckles are full of arthritis. That's why you have so much pain!"
The sports medicine doctor says, "Yah, you can be the bionic woman!"
I say, "wow. How can I ever thank my grandmother for this blessing of inherited worn- out- huge red knuckles?"
The doctors finish the injection then look at each other and say in unison, "Doctor! Doctor! Thank you, Doctor!"
They look at me and one ses, "You remember that ol' routine in that Mel Brooks movie?"
I sigh and say, "it would be a blast to work with you two clowns, but my fingers are killing me!"
The sports Dr takes a powder, my doctor says to come back in 2 weeks if the pain is still there.
I thank God that visit only cost me five bucks; have to laugh at the medical humor in spite of meself; in a few days I can again bend my left middle finger and can stop flipping everyone off (unintentionally).
But now the pain is back in several more knuckles, the middle finger wants to start flipping off again, and I am in a pickle. I'll force myself to keep working as long as possible, but if I promised to make you a crochet afghan I may have to just send you the balls of yarn and the crochet hook with directions so you can make it yerself. sorry.