Monday, April 30, 2007

Coming soon: a new hip

Tomorrow will be my last working day before my hip surgery May 11. My pre-op appts are Thursday May turd. I sure hope nothing stands in the way of surgery this time, like when dental problems postponed this surgery in March. I am more than ready to donate this right hip to the useless body parts pile! Since the dr told me my right knee pain comes from the arthritis in the right hip, I should be knee-pain free when I recover. Yeah! That would be such a blessing. When my knee hurts, it feels like a giant took a very large sledge hammer, slammed it into my knee and then sat on it for awhile. very painful. And when the weather changes, the hip joint itself screams out in terror as the arthritis runs amok chewing on muscles, tendons, ligaments, and anything else it can find to gnaw on. If the polio doctors hadn't scared me into believing joint replacement isn't good for polios, and that the outcome might not be positive, I would've been healed by now from hip surgery. But, what the hell. I made my decisions, poor as they might've been, and I live with them. Have done ok for an old polio fart if I do say so meself.
Oh, I talked to a ghost writer today and he/she agrees to blog for me about my situation and recovery while I am in the hospital. Cool, eh? Place your bets now on who you think it will be! Hint: fetgitaboutit! You have to guess!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sleep problems, my ass!

So many people have "sleep problems". what does that mean exactly? It means there is just not enough hours in a day to do all that needs to be done: i.e. worrying, fretting, eating, sh******, showering and shampooing... and on it goes. I turned out the lights at 9 pm after watching the amazing race. toss, turn, try to relax painful, jumpy legs. all to no avail. I realized I had not worried enough today!! So, I got up, got a cup of hot milk with ovaltine in it, and commenced to finished worrying. As I worry, I picture God taking notes, and now that He knows all my needs, I can hit the sack worry-free once more, get a good night's tossnturn, and head to work tomorrow for my second-to-the-last-day-of-work before I go out on a small vacation time before hip surgery. I am vacationing at home unless Joan hijacks me off somewhere to some obscure Indian gaming tent for a bit of hand/arm exercising. Hey, it COULD happen!
I think I might like blogging. I can put here whatever I want, and who cares? Gotta go... Spider solitaire is calling for just one more game.

is this safe?

The question is: Is this a safe thing to do? I have lived my life safely, and hope to continue to do so. Until tomorrow when I shall get totally wild and freak out and live on the edge forevermore.

Can I figure this out?

Today am trying to blog. It is a thing of the modern society in which we live. Too bad. Things were simpler way back when I was a kid. You could hide for hours and never be missed. I will see how this goes.