Friday, September 26, 2008

high tech stuff

Some of my kids told me to get a flip video. They want videos of where I go, which usually isn't far. But next month I go to New England with Joan. We will attempt to be leaf peepers with our nurse friends who live there. if there are leafs worth peeping at, I will video them. Along with videos of Joan screaming..."TURN THAT DAMN THING OFF!!" Or maybe it will be ME screaming at her when she secretly aims the Flip my way to catch me doing something untoward. (look it up).
Only Mike acts untoward, so i will flip-video him and post it on the blog soon. hahaha.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

train wrecks wreck lives

There was a severe train wreck just over the hill from us on Friday late afternoon. A Metrolink passenger train collided with a Union Pacific freight train. The Metrolink train had passengers headed home to Simi Valley and Moorpark stations. Saturday Mike saw people gathered at a home 4 doors down from us, the home of Roger, so he stopped to ask if our neighbor had gotten home ok because he rides the train sometimes. The 2 grown sons told Mike they had not heard from their Dad yet. By late last night, all the dead had been ID'd except for 3 men and a woman. Today Mike stopped by our neighbor's home after church and found out that Roger, the dad, grandpa, and all around nice guy, didn't make it. The family was informed at mid-night that Roger had finally been ID'd as one of the victims.
He leaves a wife, grown sons and a little grand daughter.
All I can think about is the need to "be ready"; be ready to leave this physical realm at any time, you know not when, but one day we will each be called upon to go to another realm, ready or not.
Carpe diem.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wen!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Wendy! And Cierra's beautiful mom! When Wen was little she called me "Aunt Dee". And when Timmy came along, he called her "NeeNee" and she called him "Pinny"... ah, all the sweet memories.
Wendy, Happy Birthday to you!!