Saturday, July 03, 2010

Grand Daughters

Had a fun day with my granddaughters, who are becoming ladies far too quickly. I am so proud to be their grandma and I give them many reasons to make fun of old people. And they do a good job of that. Keeps us laughing a lot. But they ain't seen nuttin yet. I am quite sure there will be many more times and events for them crack up over as they spend time with "the old folks". The generation gaps are hysterical really... might as well laugh because you can't change things much.
The girlies are getting so old so fast that I've decided to keep my hair grey... just so no one thinks I am their mother. It's nice to not be the mother who has to discipline. With a grandmother you can do almost anything...(ALMOST anything) and not have to have a butt-kicking contest. But I hope to always have energy for canasta! I can kick butt at canasta!!
Hoping for several more fun times with the 2 of them before Ms Autumn has to go home to ID.