Monday, January 02, 2012

Betsy freakin Ross

Some time ago I got a USA flag afghan pattern to crochet. I decided to make one for my grandson in ID. Since I crochet by just diggin into the pattern, I was unaware how short it would come out when finished. So, after the first one came out too short for him, I decided to make a second one that would be longer. I measured it out, made the beginning chain and thought "this will be swell!".   Uh uh. no, not even. The dang thing turned out to be about 7 feet long! That was after all my careful measuring to make it 6 feet long. So I made 50 stars, sewed them on the first small afghan, made 50 more and sewed them on the huge afghan. Then I decided I needed to make a third one so I could send one to ID, and give Kris' boys each one. I looked up the first USA flag from 1776, and it had only 13 stars on it, in a circle on the blue field. (I was NOT about to make another 50 freakin stars! them things are a bitch to make.) So the 3rd flag afghan is a 1776 model.

The first photo shows the 2 afghans that went to Kris's boys.
Below shows the huge long one that went to Idaho.

The photo below shows what happened to the flag that went to my grandson in Idaho.  His sister took it!  LOL.

 I adore the Flag of the USA. And I respect it. If it bothers you that I made afghans like it, get your underwear out of a bundle and lighten up. Hopefully, those afghans will be used to keep some family members warm and cozy on a cold night.