Thursday, December 25, 2008

Surprise memories

Jordan made us a surprise video on the computer for Christmas. I didn't know she knew how to do it, but she figured it out. Tara, you have competition now for movie making for family memories! watch and enjoy. Oh... to be young again... but I really don't miss the too long brown hair... it was a PIA to take care of...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas to all our family and friends near and far; in snow or in sunny weather... wishing you all a happy holiday season. and don't forget that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. We're thankful for all our blessings all year long. It is raining now here, and rather cold for our area. It barely hit 50 degrees today AND THAT IS COLD to this SoCal chicken. We will be at Kris' soon for Christmas Eve and the Big Guy will make his annual appearance. you know, if you're in the know, that it is BMFSV in red suit. I hope to get a good video of the jarvi boys reactions. Check out You Tube for video of Joan's remodeling, and our gift box from ID we got late last night.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


WOW! Is it ever cold here in SoCal! 38 degrees when I went to get Jordan from her bus stop this afternoon. Raining here, snowing in our local mountains; I am not used to this! Too darn cold for me. I don't know how you folks in snow country do it; you are made of hearty stuff! We still have roses on our bushes in the yard; guess they will freeze too.
See my Youtube page for 3 new short videos of Joan's house remodeling. I was going to go over today to video more... but the bathroom isn't together yet, and work has stopped because some more cutting of baseboards has to be done outdoors... and rain prevents that. I will post more when time is right.
Be well and do not get the flu or a cold!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

For Mikey

Hey, Mikey,
we made it to the Gaither Concert last night. It was so good! Wish you and Colleen could've been with us.
The Mr n Mrs Gaither are looking a little tired and acting a little slower, but Kevin and Rory are still making funny stuff and the GVB was good even without Guy. Sometimes Jason Crabb joined the GVB but they sang with Signature Sound a lot and that made it so good!!

Sheri Easter was there; said she gets one more round of chemo then is thru. Janet and her sister too have been declared cancer free. Russ Taff belted out a few songs as well, and Linda Randal did "God on the Mountain". Love that one!
No Ben Speer. Don't know where he was.

Hope you're doing well at home now, Mikey! Keep your spirits up and work hard to be independent once again... giving orders as the Landlady.
enjoy this greeting!!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sisters n Friends

A salute to Mikey!!

I took this video at the end of French King bridge over the Connecticut River in Mass. It shows our 2 nurse friends and my twin. We get goofy a lot when we are together. Laughing releases endorphins, gives that feel-great feeling even when the old body is going to hell in a handbasket and playing tricks on the nervous system... giving the sensory nerves all kinds of signals to cause painful sensations; giving the motor neurons time off to cause weakness and fatigue in various body parts. Laughing is good for the body and soul, and that's what happened on our NE vac. We laughed a lot. The post-polio symptoms kicked in for me on occasion but being able to get horizontal and rest, and take the pain med when I needed to at night gave relief. My nurse friend with MS is not so lucky to knock out her symptoms as readily. Unfortunatley, she is in a hosptial again to receive IV meds, let her body recover in its own slow time so that she can walk again and go home. It may mean rehab time again. But, in her cannot-turn-it-off RN way, she ends up encouraging other patients, TEACHING REHAB STAFF HOW TO HELP THEIR PATIENTS BETTER, and being an example to her family and friends to never give up. She always comes out of the hosptial or rehab with funny stories to tell, teaching moments to relate, and tales of fellow patients she helped encourage. In spite of lingering symptoms, she will overcome and endure! She knows that JESUS is especially fond of her (reference The Shack... a wonderful book) and that Good News (the Gospel of Christ) gives health to the bones. Poverbs 15:30.
I guess the ol Emerald blood gives a sense of the ridiculous in life and the ability to make a joke out of it... which we did every day... a handicapped motel room with no curb cut for entry, a referral to a wonderful breakfast place which turned out to have 2 dozen stairs straight up to the entrance door and no elevator... The Californios inability to understand and respond intelligently to a nice Boston "eye-'ow-R-ya?". Lots to laugh about inspite of life's challenges. it was a great 2 weeks with our sister-friends.
We are with you, Mikey, in love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

I really do not like halloween any more... it is a PIA to jump up and hand out candy when the doorbell rings every 2 minutes. One year i tried sitting in the open door waiting for the kids to come, nearly froze to death, and couldn't see the tv well... hahah poor me... so for the past many years, Mike hands out candy and has fun seeing the kids all dressed up. I am a bah-humbug Halloween celebrant. However, I DO MISS halloween nights when Russell, Autumn and Will and Jordan would come here after trick-or-treating, spread out their candy hauls all over the living room rug, and have a good time trading for their favorites. Autumn would make the worst trades with her brother because she was so young and loving...she'd give away the farm to her big brother. I bet trades now would be more hard core... anyway, here is a treat from a mexican eatery in Massachusetts during my vac.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to 2 pretty ladies

Happy Birthday today to two very pretty and special ladies... daughter Kristy Leigh and grand daughter Autumn Rose.... two "scorpians" who have brightened our lives and make us proud.

Two kids who seem to love that their birthdays fall near Halloween... often giving themselves an excuse for another costume party...
Love you both so much!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Irish Surprise

After a nice Irish Lunch today, I was surprised by a nice Irish concert song... totally unexpected... she must have come straight from the Pub... she says she's for hire for parties anytime!
check out youtube for more vac videos.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hudson is one!

Hudson had his first birthday party tonight. He was so cute and co-operative. He loved it!! He kept his birthday hat on a long time and surprised us by doing that. He walks a bit now but not too far. He soon will be running though! He has to keep up with big brother. Click on the "you tube" link to see more videos of the party.

school pic

Here tis grand daughter's school picture; she doesn't like it she says. Guess I should get out my school pic from 8th grade and show her what a truly unliked picture looks like.
I just want her to believe that God is truly fond of her! And I personally think this is a beautiful picture of her.

Friday, September 26, 2008

high tech stuff

Some of my kids told me to get a flip video. They want videos of where I go, which usually isn't far. But next month I go to New England with Joan. We will attempt to be leaf peepers with our nurse friends who live there. if there are leafs worth peeping at, I will video them. Along with videos of Joan screaming..."TURN THAT DAMN THING OFF!!" Or maybe it will be ME screaming at her when she secretly aims the Flip my way to catch me doing something untoward. (look it up).
Only Mike acts untoward, so i will flip-video him and post it on the blog soon. hahaha.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

train wrecks wreck lives

There was a severe train wreck just over the hill from us on Friday late afternoon. A Metrolink passenger train collided with a Union Pacific freight train. The Metrolink train had passengers headed home to Simi Valley and Moorpark stations. Saturday Mike saw people gathered at a home 4 doors down from us, the home of Roger, so he stopped to ask if our neighbor had gotten home ok because he rides the train sometimes. The 2 grown sons told Mike they had not heard from their Dad yet. By late last night, all the dead had been ID'd except for 3 men and a woman. Today Mike stopped by our neighbor's home after church and found out that Roger, the dad, grandpa, and all around nice guy, didn't make it. The family was informed at mid-night that Roger had finally been ID'd as one of the victims.
He leaves a wife, grown sons and a little grand daughter.
All I can think about is the need to "be ready"; be ready to leave this physical realm at any time, you know not when, but one day we will each be called upon to go to another realm, ready or not.
Carpe diem.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Wen!!!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Wendy! And Cierra's beautiful mom! When Wen was little she called me "Aunt Dee". And when Timmy came along, he called her "NeeNee" and she called him "Pinny"... ah, all the sweet memories.
Wendy, Happy Birthday to you!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mom's work is never done.

Watch this video if you are a mom, or ever had a mom. Tis sweet and funny!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is a video of how to ride a roller coaster and enjoy it:

C and J had a wonderful ride! A fun ride!! They are actually young and in shape and had fun!

Next video is how to never ride a roller coaster! It doesn't work to pretend that you are young, in shape, and ready for some fun. STAY OFF THE RIDES IF YOU ARE OVER 60!!! Joan said she is gonna kill me because I got cocky, had fun on a gentle rapid boat ride, and felt like we could be kids again and enjoy a roller coaster. It was NOT a pretty sight. We did not know a camera was filming us. We had neck pain so severe we wished we were dead. We could not even scream out in terror or agony. Watch if you can stomach it; it is not a pretty sight... 2 old fools on Ghost Rider!!

But it sure was a fun day watching our grand daughters having fun together. Gram would've been proud. Then she'd say, "You Pole-cats! Why didn't you take ME?"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Time

We had a wonderful 8th birthday party for Will this weekend. Mike and I finally had all 6 of our grandkids together at once for a picture with us. I reckon that will not happen much as the years go on, so it was special to capture them all with us at once.

Tim and Tara were in town for a few days and we sure enjoyed their visit. They have to hightail it back to ID so kids can start band camp, football practice etc.

Can you name all these Kelly girls??

My babies... Kimmy, Timmy and Kristy!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

jordans gettin plastic surgeryy!

For her 13th birthday, Jordan requested to get her face re-done, surgically speaking, and she'd like you to vote on which facial stucture she should pick. There are so many cute faces to choose from. please let us know what face you recommend for her.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hecklers

It was so nice to spend some time again with our friends, The Hecklers, in their peaceful part of the world. I just can't tell you where they live because it is top secret. If I tell you about it, you'd want to move there, and then it would wreck the peace and quiet they have. (But if you pay me enough, I might give you directions!) They always amaze me with their adventures and stories, wheelin's n dealin's. Oh, and the corker is... they have a Wii gizmo!! and they use it!!! I was struck dumb for about 2 seconds... then Syl showed me how it works. pretty snazzy. We bowled a few frames, and Mike took pictures but I cannot post those pictures here or I'd be dead and buried in cement before morning. (by Syl). It was a great weekend with friends again; Thanks, Hecklers!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

laughing fun

Check this video out. Kris took a video of her kids in playpool yesterday.

Friday, July 11, 2008

new gizmo

I got a new gizmo the other day. a new laptop. an HP. It is small and has a very tiny keyboard. comparatively speaking. I will give it 2 years... and ifn i cannot get used to it then, it goes back where it came from. I never fart aound with stuff I cannot figure out. so there ya have it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Raymie, this one's for you!!

While in Kuna, Idaho, last week, the newspaper said the "Strawberry Moon" would arise in the Eastern sky about 10:15 PM. So just after 10 pm, just after it had gotten dark (it gets dark real late in Idaho in the summer time) we ventured out into the street in front of TnT's house to see the moon rise. It was a GOOOOOD MOON! So full and bright! and Yellow! We were all so infatuated that we complied with the cameraman's request and showed more moons! (Did you know that a full moon makes sensible folks do very unsensible acts?) (It's true!) Does anyone know why the full moon on June 18th was called the strawberry moon?
Looks more like moon cracks to me!
This pic is especially for our friend, and tribe leader Raymie!

High Tea?? Bloody Hell!!

I went on an adventure to Little Tokyo today with Joan and Cierra. We went to the Japanese Museum and saw all manner of displays about the Japanese adventure to America. They were treated as lousy as the Irish in the early days, and even more lousy in the years of "the camps" or internment camps during WWII. The history of what man does to man is filled with injustices all around. So what do we learn? That we all get along as long as we are separated and segregated. Seems to be the constant theme.
Anyways, after the educational part of the morning, we ventured into a newly opened English Tea House, and had tea! Joan and C are experts in Teas, but I am a novice. Everyting was delicious except for the olive and crabgrass sandwich which I didn't care for much. I did taste it though, and I refrained from my usual outburst of "PEE YEEWWW! THAT'S NASTY STUFF!".
We all acted like ladies, and had a nice time. The lemon mini-bundt cake was delicious!!
Probably Jenny Wren would laugh at us, but we felt fancy and very QueenLiz-like.
Joan and C have actually been in London for Tea; I can only imagine it. Tea in Los Angeles must be slightly different from Tea in London, wouldn't you gather? Ponder that.
C snapped this photo of the twins enjoying High Tea. One of us looks like she is leaning over to fart again, and the other one looks so dignified and proper!! Keep those pinkies out when drinking tea!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Good Time

We sure had a good time in McCall at the cabin we rented. The snow lasted just enough time to play in it for a day. Am not sure if this city slicker would do well in a snowy climate; I would probably whine a lot and break limbs from slipping and falling down on me arse. It would surely be a different world to be snowed in for months at a time. We had a sightseeing day and wound up in a place north of McCall which is a hot springs "resort" run by a guy named "Tiller". He was an interesting guy who told me his sister has post-polio too but cured it by going on the "blood Type diet". (I think I will pass on that plan). Tiller's place has cabins he rents; there is one outhouse and one water pump for all the cabins to share. We could see into one small cabin, it had a bed and little else we could see. Some heartly souls who truly desire bare-butt getaways must go there. Tiller said in winter he drives 30 miles into McCall for supplies on his snowmobile. It was a good glimpse of old Americana. If most of us were stranded there for a long time, we'd probably not know what to do with ourselves. No amenities, no fast-food, no computer or cell phone, or cable tv. Just a big pool with natural hot springs to relax in and not worry about a thing. Could YOU handle it???

Sunday, June 22, 2008

McCall Idaho Cabin fun

Mike and I spent 2 weeks in Idaho with Tim and Tara's family. We had a blast! We rented a cabin in McCall for 3 nights and what an experience that was. Here is a view of it.

We had picked it out online and it sounded real snazzy. It was 2 story with 2 bedrooms downstairs, and a huge master suite upstairs with a sleeping loft, fully equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, all the linens and blankets furnished, and a deck with BBQ and free standing fireplace thingy, a porch swing, and a resident fox who comes around looking for raw eggs.
Oh wait.
Wrong picture.
Here is the real cabin we stayed in.

We arrived to rain and snow that melted as it hit the ground, but as the evening went on, the snow began to stick. We awoke the next morn to 3-4 inches of snow. It was so amazing for us city folk (the grandparents) to be in the snow.
The cabin was warm and cozy, and we had fun playing board games inside, and I had fun watching the kids have fun in the snow outside.
I will choose some more pics to post later. Tomorrow it is back to work for me, and I have to set my mind to it now.
Nighty night.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom always said, "Look it up!"

Happy Mothers Day to all you folk out there who ever had a kid, talked to a kid, or had a mother. That should about cover everybody...
I had a great laugh this morning. Don't tell Jordan. She spent the night at a friend's home, and called me a few minutes ago to come pick her up soon. (I am the only one at home available right now.) I asked her for directions to the friend's home, and Jordan said, "Look it up on MapQuest!!".
(When I was a kid and asked Mom about something, she would tell me to LOOK IT UP because if I looked it up, she'd say, I'd remember it better. So I used to use that command on my kids as well.... in the good old days of dictionery and encyclopedia in actual BOOK form.)
I laughed and said, "Just tell me how to get there". So she and her friend figured it out and told me lefts and rights etc, and gave me directions.
Imagine!! after all these years, I am still being told to "look it up" although now the info is computer available. But I wanted to see if Jordan could just give me old fashioned directions, and she did! whoohoo!
After we hung up, I looked it up on MapQuest. She was right! LOL.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

this gets my goat

On Fridays our local mall has a Farmers' Market that offers a touch of that rural farm feeling... if you are willing to enter the goat pen to romp with the goats, chickens, a crazy duck, and plenty of animal waste. The first time Braden got to go into the pen, his Aunt Kim was brave and took him inside the pen for awhile to feed and pet the animals. But this past Friday, Aunt Kim was nowhere to be found, so Mama Kris took Braden into the hellhole... I mean, goat pen. Kris and I are not exactly animal people, unfortunately, (do not tell anyone this, especially Tracy!) but as Kris said later, "You do anything for your kids!". If Kris cringed at all, she hid it well, there was no screaming, and Braden enjoyed the adventure very much.

Hudson enjoyed the Farmers' Market from his view in his stroller, and he seemed very happy to be on the outside of the goat pen for now.
Life is so good!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Travel Town

Sunday we went on an adventure to Travel Town. Braden had not begun the day very happy, but after a ride in Grandpa's van to Travel Town, he was so excited! He wanted to see all the trains, and ride the minature train. His Daddy bought him some more train toys. He loves playing with his Choo-choos. There is a small train ride that takes you around Travel Town twice; Braden wanted to go on it so badly, but when Jordan put him off her lap on the seat next to her in their car, he freaked out and had to get back onto her lap.

Braden also wanted to be carried inside the train cars and engines that are on display. They must've seemed awesomely huge to him.

But Little Brother Hudson just rode in his daddy's baby carrier on daddy's chest and was happily observing everything.

Of course, our outing had to include lunch, so we went to Phillipe's near LA's Union Station, and had French dipped sandwiches with hot mustard that we love to hate. And the candy counter there is a kid's delight. Everybody got some candy, and Braden got his favorite: Peanut Butter Cups!
All poor Hudson got though was a photo in a Phillipe's old fashioned phone booth. Just for the nostalgia of it all. One day maybe the grandkids will join Grandpa in enjoying a few French Dipped sandwiches with hot mustard and a beer!

It was a good day! Thank you, Lord.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Old Friends

We have some OLD nurse friends from Massatwoshits visiting us this week. We went to Santa Barbara for a few days get away, and spend an afternoon in Solvang where one of us inspired the other 3 to have a photo taken. Lovely group picture if I do say so meself. We spent St Patrick's Day afternoon in Dargan's Irish Pub in SB; a good time was had by all. Much laughter, many more memories to share; maybe the friends can go home Sunday to 14 feet of snow and be happy for awhile... not! You're welcome to stay forever Carroll and Duffy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pinny is 30 something

Here is a picture of Tim when he was 1 yr old. When Tim was born, older cousin Wendy called him "Pinny" because she could not say "Timmy". Now Pinny is 30 something and celebrating his birthday tomorrow. So his dad and I wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and send lots of love to him and his family! and he is STILL cute after 30 some years!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

See You Later, Grandma!

Tomorrow we will say farewell to a great lady who lived 99 years and truly participated in life, living to see numerous great-great grandchildren. I think she was still driving at 95; driving to birthday parties, ball games, school events. Man! Not many people get to do what she did as long as she did it! We enjoyed getting to know her when our son married one of her great-granddaughters.
See you on the other side, Esther!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Matriarch

The eldest Gramma Kelly had her 88th birthday celebration over the weekend. She had her wish to have her 4 kids and their spouses celebrate with her. We went to a BBQ joint for dinner then to bro Bob's house for more partying. An added bonus was to have Sanger cousins with us to celebrate too. The grandkids and great-grandkids are scattered around the States, but in 2 years for the 90th, we want EVERYBODY here to party with Gramma. Start saving now!!! and be there or be square!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

caption: "Do NOT tick me off!"

(I may be absolutely KILLED for this posting... but, hey, what the hell... )

Today C is 18 years old!
Can you believe it? Seems like just last night we were at the hospital looking at this beautiful new baby girl kicking around squawkin that she was here and ready to take on life. Well, she is still ready and waiting for the time that she can take off to see the world. So this picture says it all...
She's locked and loaded and ready, so do NOT get in her way!

We love you!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

dang computers

Hi all, our internet server booted us from its service last Sunday January 13 just after noon. We lost all emails and our contact lists of email addresses. Long story, we changed TV and internet service thru ATnT, but were not set up correctly with email service, so when the old service went away, nothing was saved. So... I am asking all readers to email me just a brief email so I can copy and paste your email address into my new list, and begin corresponding again. I can recall screen names for many of you, but for the life of me can't recall the @ parts. My email address is staying the same as before, so email me, OK? I'd call everybody, but when my caller ID shows up on your phone, you won't answer anyways, SO EMAIL ME!!! haha. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Russell Rules!

When Russell came over to visit, I tried my best to stand up as tall as possible to not look like a shrimp next to him, but, alas, I look like a shrimp next to him. Such is life. He is in his I-want-to-hide-behind-my-hair phase. All of us went through it, didn't we? I just hope I live long enough to see his eyes again when he gets the hair out of his eyes... those wonderful blue eyes that'll drive the girls nuts. (don't tell him I said that but it is true!)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Awesome Autumn

Autumn spent the night with us; she is in CA with brother Russell because Tara's parents went to ID for Christmas and brought the kids to CA for a visit for a week. Autumn is a board-gamer like I am and challenges me to games so she can beat my butt off winning. I have a challenge bet going for any grandkid who beats me in Scrabble. The pic shows her scoring a killer word, but alas, she didn't win the game. She sure ties hard tho. If I can get the kids interested in Scrabble, they learn new words, and I do too! We have fun and I will gladly pay up when they beat me... ifn they ever do. ;)) (I know they will soon!)
Russell was here for dinner last night too, and I will post a pic of him soon; he towers over me now and reminds me of when I had to start looking way up at Tim to talk to him. The kids grow up so fast.
It is open enrollment time at Kaiser and work is so busy, but I am still glad to be working at a job I like.
Happy New Year to all! May 2008 be kind to you; do your part to make it so.