Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friends of 32 years

We were able to have a getaway with our friends of 32 years... 32 years! ... and they ain't sick of us yet! imagine that! And we still love them mucho! They are fun and we so enjoy their company, and they invite us great places!! :))
So we go when we can...
we went to Palm Springs for 2 nights and saw the Palm Springs Follies. It is a variety show, singing and dancing... and all the performers are seniors! Senior citizens I mean!! The favorite is 85 years young and does an outstanding tap dance! The headliner was John Davidson. He could roll our sox 30 years ago and we still think he has "it". He just got older and better. Now he has grey haired groupies!!
It was a 3 hour show, lots of laughs, lots of amazement that old guys and dolls can hoof it like they did. More power to them I hope they stay out of wheelchairs for many years to come.
We could not video in the Follies show, but here is a short video of us and our friends Syl and Ray.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Laughing is good for health

We have a house guest for a few weeks; a nurse friend from Massatwoshits who is escaping the cold NE for a few weeks. She is creating lots of laughs every day. We recall the episodes of times we worked together at a local hospital and almost died laughing... like when we had to clean up cat diarrhea in the hallway of rehab at 9 pm with hospital patient size 4x4 tissues (that's all we had on hand for free) (damn, we would've used a few bed sheets.. but we could not access those OR towels because it was a REHAB unit and those items can be used in unsavory ways)I digress... the rehab patients would feed this damn stray cat any food it would eat, and were not allowed to let it into the building... but if you tell a rehab pt to not do something... well... let's just say they turn deaf... the cat got in one evening when Mikey and I were on duty. When it was cat-shit-clean-up-time... EVERYONE was miraculously in bed fast asleep... and we had to go into action. I can still recall the foul smell. yuck!

Last week I planted beets as part of my garden project... and asked Mikey to talk to them everyday so they will grow well. She is out there everyday talking to them... I don't know what the heck she says, but no growth yet... hmmm. I better get PIA into action to film her and see if she is talking nicely to them or cussing them out.
see Mikey on my youtube page.
More later.