Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween

I really do not like halloween any more... it is a PIA to jump up and hand out candy when the doorbell rings every 2 minutes. One year i tried sitting in the open door waiting for the kids to come, nearly froze to death, and couldn't see the tv well... hahah poor me... so for the past many years, Mike hands out candy and has fun seeing the kids all dressed up. I am a bah-humbug Halloween celebrant. However, I DO MISS halloween nights when Russell, Autumn and Will and Jordan would come here after trick-or-treating, spread out their candy hauls all over the living room rug, and have a good time trading for their favorites. Autumn would make the worst trades with her brother because she was so young and loving...she'd give away the farm to her big brother. I bet trades now would be more hard core... anyway, here is a treat from a mexican eatery in Massachusetts during my vac.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to 2 pretty ladies

Happy Birthday today to two very pretty and special ladies... daughter Kristy Leigh and grand daughter Autumn Rose.... two "scorpians" who have brightened our lives and make us proud.

Two kids who seem to love that their birthdays fall near Halloween... often giving themselves an excuse for another costume party...
Love you both so much!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Irish Surprise

After a nice Irish Lunch today, I was surprised by a nice Irish concert song... totally unexpected... she must have come straight from the Pub... she says she's for hire for parties anytime!
check out youtube for more vac videos.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Hudson is one!

Hudson had his first birthday party tonight. He was so cute and co-operative. He loved it!! He kept his birthday hat on a long time and surprised us by doing that. He walks a bit now but not too far. He soon will be running though! He has to keep up with big brother. Click on the "you tube" link to see more videos of the party.

school pic

Here tis grand daughter's school picture; she doesn't like it she says. Guess I should get out my school pic from 8th grade and show her what a truly unliked picture looks like.
I just want her to believe that God is truly fond of her! And I personally think this is a beautiful picture of her.