Monday, June 11, 2007

Things continue to go well

I just can't take this blogging thing too serious. It has been a good diversion and therapy tool, but I really intended only to use it as a post-op update for awhile. There is so much I could blog about: my family, my swell kids and wonderful grandkids, Kris's progress in growing our next grandbaby (due October 15)... but to write about all that, I'd be at the keyboard for hours. Suffice it to say for now that the hip healing continues. I still need the walker because to walk unaided seems like too much effort and causes back problems. Sitting too long is uncomfortable because of weight on the healing hip area; frequent shifting is needed, as well as periods of getting horizontal to rest. Mike is so good about preparing meals and doing laundry and dishes... and doing everything! I am left with same ol' chronic pain problems and weaknesses as before surgery, but the horrible right knee pain and spasms are gone, Thank You God. The expectation after recovery is to go back to same life activities with better pain control of chronic problems. So, I will post an update every now and then; for now it is slow but steady healing. I'll take that! Tis good!

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Mz Syl said...

I hope you continue to write... even if only to say 'today was a good day'. It's almost (but not quite) like being a next-door neighbor... I can keep up with your progress without being a telephone pest. Keep up the good healing. Love ya..