Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thanks for a season of blessings

Lately I have really been thanking God for a season of blessings and serenity as the post-op healing period continues. Sure there are still aches and pains, recently compounded by intermittent sciatica and sleep disturbances, but overall there are no crises and we have much to be thankful for. I am still off work until July 27 when I see the surgeon again. Joan has taken me to the YMCA warm therapy pool to stretch and "exercise" while she goes into the "big pool" to do water aerobics class. That's soothing to this ol' bod. I've been TIVOing episodes of John Ratzenberger's MADE IN AMERICA series from the Travel Channel, and I enjoy watching him and learning about American factories. John is the guy who played Cliff The Mailman on tv's Cheers, and he is so cool!! He does and says nutty things on his travel series, but he goes interesting places that I'll likely never go to, so I really enjoy the show. Joan gave me an autobiography of Billy Graham several weeks ago, and I loved reading it. Billy Graham is a fascinating man. His wife Ruth died recently, and I was able to watch her funeral on a Christian station. All 5 of her kids spoke and it made me want to read more about their family; so far Joan has found us about 5 more books by Ruth and some of her children, and I have enjoyed them all. I have yet to dig into the book Joan gave me about the Arab-Israeli conflict but that read will be next on my list. Today is a milder weather day for us so I wheeled down to the corner to Vons for some groceries. When it is real hot... 90's... I stay inside most of the day; the heat does me in; so a cooler day is welcome. I remarked to Mike how blessed we are to live where we do; we can walk or roll to a close market and several other stores and food places. He reminded me that God knew our future needs a long time ago and so we have remained in this home for 38 years for just such a time as this... a gramma who can't drive for awhile but can wheel down to the corner in her scooter and shop! Hope YOU are greatly blessed as well. Enjoy!

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Sasquatch said...

Hi Mom,
Glad to hear you got out to the store. Thanks for reminding me to count our blessings and not overlook them. Keep feeling better day by day and be a patient patient! Love you!