Saturday, January 31, 2009

papa feeds scrub jays

"Our" scrub jays are back. The old tame one has been gone a few years and the new younger ones are skittish but still come to the yard for snacks. Papa will see if he can "tame' the 2 coming around lately; they may start taking peanuts from his hand soon. His left hand is currently splinted up due to having hand surgery again last week; the contracture problem again. But all should be well soon. Yeah! then he can do dishes again, and clean again!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fingerprints, Maria and other stuff

Today I went to a place in an industrial complex to get my fingerprints scanned and submitted to the FBI and DOJ. I need to do this in order to renew my RN licence in the future. Imagine! A little ol gramma nurse who can hardly get out of her own way, minds her own business, (sometimes) wouldn't hurt a flea (unless necessary) and has never been arrested (yet)... needing fingerprints on file.
But times change, and a few rotten eggs have spoiled it for the rest of us outstanding citizens.
So, I pay 71 bucks, and the "trained fingerprint roller" plugs his laptop into a scanner and we begin the scanning process. He says, "oh, you're not showing good definition, and the prints are being rejected." I think, "What the hell?"
He asks, so have you been working? I say, "Yes, I work my fingers to the bone!"
He doesn't even smile.
I says, what now?
He says, we will try again. But first I had to rub some sticky stuff on my fingers to try to "raise the definition".
So... each finger and thumb was rolled at least 4 times, red lights kept flashing, he kept hitting a refresh button or something, and finally he says...
"OK. You may get a letter of rejection, so if you do, come back here and for free we will re-submit them".
I asked, "WHY?" "won't they just get rejected again"?
He says, "yes, but if they get rejected a second time, we will have the FBI ID you by a name search."
damn!! I think I will run this by Glenn Beck on Fox news channel and see if he thinks this is screwy.

So, here is a picture from a few years ago of my at my desk working at work. I hope I get my license renewed by June 30 so I can keep on going into work at that lovely desk!!

For family... Maria, as in dad and Maria... called today, she wanted to respond to Christmas cards. I'd sent her a card and a picture. She is 90, doing well. Had to stop driving due to glaucoma, but decorated her home inside and out for Christmas, still reads a lot, sews, and is loving life. She eats healthy, but bags on her daughter Sandy to stop eating meat and all that fatty stuff, but Sandy don't listen.
So... she still talks of "my JeeMee" (JImmy) and he was the love of her life. Dad left her alone too soon!
Maria says to tell all the family she says "HI" and hopes we are all well.
gotta run. enough for now.
Be well!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mental health day

Today my twin calls at 9:30 am and says... can I come and get you to go to Ventura with me... I NEED A MENTAL HEALTH DAY!!! So... of course I say YES because I just can't tell her that if she's goin' down, she ain't taking me with her,,, that'd be rude of me. So she comes over and gets me and we ride to ventura. After a bit of sightseeing of beach homes in Silver Strand area, we stop at a taco joint named Pepe's that is just a walk-up shack with some outside tables. it wasn't too busy, but after we got our 2 taco plates, a bunch of more people came. Obviously a local favorite food hang out. We had a nice outdoor lunch, avoided feeding the pidgeons because those rascals keep on begging once you start feeding them, and they call their friends from miles around to come get a meal too... THE TACOS AND BEANS AND CHIPS WERE SO DARN GOOD!!! In fact, we took PIA with us, and have a short video for you to watch of our mental health day views. It is on my You tube page. I tried and even got Jordan to try to upload the video to my blog, but we can't do it. I used to be able to do it, now I cannot do it,... so if you have pointers for me, let me know.
At our favorite joke shop in the Ventura Marina area, we ran into family friends Marthea and Ron who invited us over to their mobile home in the area because it was marthea's b'day. So we went over and saw their home, it is gorgeous... a triple wide that is fantastic, and we visited for a spell. Sue and Buzz showed up as well, and Buzz's brother from No Cal was there too. Nice visit!
We solved the world's problems, enjoyed the sun and clear skies of ventura, and now I can plunge into another work week with vigor. It has been soooo busy at work what with open enrollment for our hmo. we actually are getting many new members even in this crappy economy. I hope it keeps up; job security for me!
see ya!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Time flys; still having fun.

Last night baby Boy Braden, make that Big Boy Braden, celebrated b'day number 3. How did that happen so darn fast? Are the years really slipping by that quickly as I put one foot in front of the other, managing to work part time, and fiddle-fart around on days off thinking I am making a difference somewhere, somehow? At any rate, we keep celebrating these milestones, and sharing them with family at a distance in videos.
I was late to arrive at the party since it was a work day for me, so Grandpa handled taking videos with PIA. (That's my nickname for our flip video... stands for pain-in-ass; named for those who hate having a flipcam aimed at them.) I must say Ol Papa did a mighty fine job too! There is a movie we came up with for you to glance at the festivities.
You can watch the video on my You Tube page.
B seems to get too overwhelmed when attention is put on him if a lot of family and friends are hovering around all talking at once. But he did so well at his party, and got his favorite things... TRAINS, TRAINS, MORE TRACKS AND MORE TRAINS!! He can play with them for hours making choochoo noises all the while. When he grows up and owns all the railroads from here to Timbuktu, I will bribe him to put high-speed rails to all areas where I have family and friends... since I sure won't be driving when he grows up!! (I'll be hitching rides with scary younger drivers). (hint, hint Jordan!)
OK, I better be off to the dental apt I have today; like I have nothing better to do on my day off. Dental tip of the day from my big brother years ago that I never forgot... "only keep flossing the teeth you want to keep!"
And don't let it bother you if your grandkids tell you that you have yellow teeth... if they're YOUR OWN NATURAL TEETH... be grateful!!
see ya!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Here is a Christmas 2008 portrait of me n Mike.

Notice we don't dress up a lot, don't go in for fancy studio portraits... we be just plain folk who are loved and enjoy our family, love God and are thankful for all our blessings.
2009 should be an interesting year. Much is going on around the world, changes here at home in the good ol' USA are happening, and state by state changes are happening as well. Hopefully we will benefit in our own little lives.
We wish all of our loved ones a Happy New Year filled with love and contentment and spiritual health! Oh, and physical health would be nice as well, but that fluctuates as we know. Remember God is still God when there is darkness and sadness so we strive to be thankful in all things.
Thank you to the family and friend bloggers for sharing your lives with us when we cannot be near you; the photos and videos mean so much and are greatly enjoyed.
Be well and keep a thankful attitude!