Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Twas a very merry christmas

We had a lot of fun last night with that certain MR SomeOne playing Mr Claus. He was delighted that Braden was not afraid of him too much, and in fact, sat on his lap for EVERYBODY'S family picture!! Usually we cannot get Braden to sit still for a picture, but last night he sat on Santa's lap a long while.
We missed our Idaho kids being there; the only good thought was that Santa's lap and knees didn't get broken from real big kids sitting on him!! hahaha. The younger generation is certainly growing up fast.
Other than that, WE MISS YOU!!
Tim took the time to use the web cam around his house today to show us and Steve's family around the Idaho house, and to show us the snow outside still lingering on the ground. Thanks, Tim, that was a special treat. Tracy got to give TnT some dog training advice as well, since TnT have a new Corgi puppy to train as a service dog for Will.
After we opened gifts here today, we went to The Jarvi house again and had coffee and doughnuts yum yum. Then we came home and had the Pope Ave Kellys join us for our taco fest. and Kim added her enchiladas this year; delicious as usual.
Kim and Jordan are off to MAUI tomorrow with Jordan's gramma Carole; the rest of us are jealous, but hope they have a wonderful time! Aloha!


Jenny Wren said...

We missed your Santa this year but we got a dose at the mall. Wasn't the same but the pics are priceless. All the best for 2008 and thank you for blogging!

Sasquatch said...

Missin you all! Hope to see you soon! Glad for the time on the webcam too. I had fun and was good to see everyone. Love you Mom!