Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Thanks to family and friends who sent Christmas Cards our way; we love getting them and love the pictures of kids who growing up so fast. Forgive me for not getting cards out this year except per email. The old arms and hands just fail me sometimes for letter writing, but keyboarding is a bit easier when I can get to it.
Sunday evening we went with The Jarvi and Kim and Jordan to see a cul-de-sac neighborhood of extremely well decorated and lit up houses in Valencia. It was a lighted wonderland. Lights were strung across streets, and yards were decorated to the hilt with Christmas themes. Mostly Santa themes but there was a manger or 2 as well. Several of the apparent home owners were in their driveways with firepits blazing, and even offered hot chocolate or candy canes to spectators. It was lovely! However, it was so darn COLD!! Our car temp read 44 degrees outside. Can you imagine SoCal beach bums in 44 degree weather?? Well, we whine! And complain that "IT'S TOO COLD". I thought I was going to freeze my begonias off! But we all did well in spite of ourselves and enjoyed the gawking at lights.
Christmas Eve we will be at the Jarvi house with Santa, and Christmas Day we will be home for our annual taco fest with the people from Pope Ave and whomever else shows up. Things get fractured when you have to share your kids and their families with their in laws, or when your kids move on to better pastures as in Idaho. But the blessings continue and we rejoice and are thankful for good extended families, and pray everyone has many blessings and good health in 2008.


Jenny Wren said...

Cold is right but when we went to Idaho it was in the 30's-40's during the day:| Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Sasquatch said...

44 degrees??? I wish it would get to 44 when I am working outside all day! I haven't seen 44 in about 3 weeks or more! LOL