Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mike's aboard

Hey, all, Mr K (Mike, Dad, Granpa, Papa) (sometimes known as "Hey You" or "BMFSV") has set up his own blog, and requests feedback as to what you want to hear about him. So click on the link to Granpa Mike's blog from this blog, and you will find him. Bookmark it and post comments or he won't write anything. He is more impatient than me. When he emails, he checks back every 3 minutes to see if the recipient answered back already... ok, not really... but you know we live in an instant world now, and WE EXPECT FAST RESULTS!
Yesterday Mike had guys from ATnT come out and disconnect our DirecTV satellite, and connect us to bundled Internet and TV cable with ATnT. Now I have a new remote to learn how to use, in addition to learning how to program in shows to TiVo, in addition to a new channel lineup... OMG! I am exhausted! I need a bakers dozen Dunkin' Donuts so I can go into a sugar coma and when I awake, maybe this nightmare will be over. Anyone want to join me???

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