Monday, August 13, 2007

Catch a falling star...

The news has been encouraging us to view the meteor shower with best viewing time Monday before dawn. But who wants to get up by dawn if you do not HAVE to get up? As it was, I had a night where sleep didn't come easy, so at 5 am I was outside in the front yard with a cup of coffee to try to see shooting stars. And of course, singing to meself the old Perry Como tune "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away... for when your troubles start in multiplying, and they just might, it's easy to forget them without trying, with just a pocket full of starlight...". All you under 60 won't remember that song probably, but that's ok. You're too young to know anything yet.
Anyways, daughter Kim was awake as well to get ready for work. When I told her I was going outside to see the falling stars, I told her not to tell anyone because I don't want anyone to know I am nuts. She said, "IT'S TOO LATE, MOM. EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS YOU ARE NUTS." So, there ya go. I knew you knew, I just haven't wanted to acknowledge it. I saw 3 shooting stars from the front yard, then when the back yard sprinklers went off, I sat in the back yard and saw 2 more. Then I decided that was enough thrill for me, so I went back to bed. And how many did YOU see????

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Tara said...

none. we were zonked out sleeping since we were up till 2am.