Friday, March 25, 2011

It was sweet to get a few days' stay at a place on Pacific Beach, with a balcony with a great view of the ocean and a boardwalk with very entertaining folks strolling by.

It was sweet to be with my nutty-ass sister who makes me laugh all the time (probably because lookin at her is like lookin in the mirror).

It was sweet to have our good friend Michelene with us. She's a nurse who cannot hang up her cap in retirement because she will think like a nurse till the final minute, and compel compliance with all manner of things good-health-habit-wise, otherwise your sorry butt is out the door!!

And it was SO SWEEEEET to have them two clowns with me the morning we were to leave for home and I accidently flooded the bathroom with an overflowing toilet, then stood in the room screaming, "THE TOILET IS RUNNING OVER, THE TOILET IS RUNNING OVER!" instead of shutting off the water pipe. Hell... I never was any good in an emergency! That's why I travel with a nurse and a teacher!!!


The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

HAHA! You have captured the true hilarity of the situation with those pictures! What fun and whacky adventures do you have instore next? :)

Anonymous said...

I think you caused that flood on purpose... just so you could get that picture!
so sez Mz Syl

ol'auntJoan said...

As I was throwing down towels, blurry-eyed and half asleep, at 6 A.M., Mikey came into help and Jayne was yelling "DON'T SLIP..DON'T SLIP!" Then she showed up at the door with her camera-phone. Wouldn't we all cover our heads for a pic at 6 A.M. while trying to curtail a flood? I think my lovely sis was laughing at this point, because she knew I couldn't kill her!!!!! revenge is sweet!

Anonymous said...

HAaa! Too funny