Sunday, June 12, 2011

grandson's graduation

Mike and I had a great trip to see Tim n Tara and family for Russell's graduation. (How did he grow up so fast??) Tara's folks were able to be there as well. It was a big event held in the Idaho Center arena. Russell turned 18 the same week, and I turned 18times3plus a few more. So we had a week of celebrations. We got to see Autumn perform in a band concert at the high school she will attend, and we went with Tara and Will to one of Will's OT sessions.
Here's the 3 siblings on grad day:

We are so proud of those kids, and of the way TnT are raising them to be good people. The Graduate chose to go back to California to look for a job and attend our local JC; he lives with his other grandparents for now.

It is always educational being around grandchildren. One said to me, "Gramma, can I see your phone?" "Sure" I sez. So she took my picture then says to me, "Did you know you have the 'funny face' feature on your phone's camera?" I told her I didn't know what that was. So she showed me....

Tis a feature that distorts the photo you take and makes someone look lovely. Thank you, Girlie! I shall show you no more mercy when we play canasta again. LOL.

William likes to wear a ballcap, so we brought him an "Air Force One" cap from the Ronald Reagan library. He wore it to school that week, and we're so proud of our Little Conservative (well, I can only dream).

All in all, it was a blessed visit and we are grateful that we could make the trip. It gets more and more tough for me to travel it seems as the months go on... so I owe TnT a big thanks for making us so comfortable in their home.
THANKS, KIDS!! Love you!!