Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Not much new

HI!! It's been awhile and I haven't wanted to put my blog ideas here because I been too "otherwise occupied". Ok. I been working, and sitting in my easy chair on my days off except for a bit of gardening when I feel some spurts of energy. This first pic is of my baby cauliflower a few weeks ago.
I been working hard, using a lot of energy just to work part-time; but I ain't bitching, just tellin the facts, ma'am. We got through the Christmas Holidays with some good times with our daughters' families. Sure miss Tim's family but we plan to go see them for 10 days in March. My Mass nurse friends will come visit in early March so they can get in temps higher than 38F... maybe we can give them 10 days of pure good ol SoCal sunshine. Because if we do not, they laugh and mock our "storm watch" tv news, telling us we don't know what a REAL storm is. and we don't. Thank God.
It kinda hurts to garden... but it hurts to NOT garden, so what the hell. My friend Arthur-itis and his brothers Burr-sitis and Myo-sitis, who used to live with Gram, are present all the time now. But if one ignores them, life ain't too bad. Just so ya don't let in the Rheea sisters: Gonna, Dia, and Rhino you're doing ok.

Here's a pic of the cauliflower Mike picked for me today. The stem is so thick, I can't harvest it by myself, so Mr K cut it for us. cool, huh?
If we had to have a garden or die of starvation, we'd die for sure... but garden experiments are fun, and we hope to plant more vegs for summer again. Oh... and Mr K said he may uproot his side lawn in the front of the house and plant fruit or avocado trees. Now I know for sure the end of the world is at hand if Mr K gives up his lawn.