Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom always said, "Look it up!"

Happy Mothers Day to all you folk out there who ever had a kid, talked to a kid, or had a mother. That should about cover everybody...
I had a great laugh this morning. Don't tell Jordan. She spent the night at a friend's home, and called me a few minutes ago to come pick her up soon. (I am the only one at home available right now.) I asked her for directions to the friend's home, and Jordan said, "Look it up on MapQuest!!".
(When I was a kid and asked Mom about something, she would tell me to LOOK IT UP because if I looked it up, she'd say, I'd remember it better. So I used to use that command on my kids as well.... in the good old days of dictionery and encyclopedia in actual BOOK form.)
I laughed and said, "Just tell me how to get there". So she and her friend figured it out and told me lefts and rights etc, and gave me directions.
Imagine!! after all these years, I am still being told to "look it up" although now the info is computer available. But I wanted to see if Jordan could just give me old fashioned directions, and she did! whoohoo!
After we hung up, I looked it up on MapQuest. She was right! LOL.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

this gets my goat

On Fridays our local mall has a Farmers' Market that offers a touch of that rural farm feeling... if you are willing to enter the goat pen to romp with the goats, chickens, a crazy duck, and plenty of animal waste. The first time Braden got to go into the pen, his Aunt Kim was brave and took him inside the pen for awhile to feed and pet the animals. But this past Friday, Aunt Kim was nowhere to be found, so Mama Kris took Braden into the hellhole... I mean, goat pen. Kris and I are not exactly animal people, unfortunately, (do not tell anyone this, especially Tracy!) but as Kris said later, "You do anything for your kids!". If Kris cringed at all, she hid it well, there was no screaming, and Braden enjoyed the adventure very much.

Hudson enjoyed the Farmers' Market from his view in his stroller, and he seemed very happy to be on the outside of the goat pen for now.
Life is so good!