Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Travel Town

Sunday we went on an adventure to Travel Town. Braden had not begun the day very happy, but after a ride in Grandpa's van to Travel Town, he was so excited! He wanted to see all the trains, and ride the minature train. His Daddy bought him some more train toys. He loves playing with his Choo-choos. There is a small train ride that takes you around Travel Town twice; Braden wanted to go on it so badly, but when Jordan put him off her lap on the seat next to her in their car, he freaked out and had to get back onto her lap.

Braden also wanted to be carried inside the train cars and engines that are on display. They must've seemed awesomely huge to him.

But Little Brother Hudson just rode in his daddy's baby carrier on daddy's chest and was happily observing everything.

Of course, our outing had to include lunch, so we went to Phillipe's near LA's Union Station, and had French dipped sandwiches with hot mustard that we love to hate. And the candy counter there is a kid's delight. Everybody got some candy, and Braden got his favorite: Peanut Butter Cups!
All poor Hudson got though was a photo in a Phillipe's old fashioned phone booth. Just for the nostalgia of it all. One day maybe the grandkids will join Grandpa in enjoying a few French Dipped sandwiches with hot mustard and a beer!

It was a good day! Thank you, Lord.